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I am trying. Trying to write this this thing more regularly. I hope people read it. I hope people enjoy it. So where to start? Okay. My movie HATES or HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET. I saw a trailer yesterday at Technicolor on 6040 Sunset. Love saying that. It’s another one of my goals that I can cross off. I still have a few left.

  1. Sew a ninja suit.
  2. Learn a magic trick.
  3. Be able to sing Hotel California on the guitar.

Back to the trailer. Gotta say that Relativity (who are putting the movie out in September 20th…have I told you it stars JEN LAWRENCE of the soon to be released HUNGER GAMES)…the trailer is truly awesome and I tell you now, honestly there is nothing out there that is like it. Honestly. I am not bullshitting you. It is really, really good. When will you see it? Watch this space…

Did my back in yesterday. Took my son for a run around Griffith Park in his Jeep stroller. Yes. He has a Jeep Stroller with an i-baby. Don’t ask. Anyway didn’t stretch because he was moaning and then what happens. The back goes. Taken some of that heavy duty shit they prescribe over here. Hello.

Okay. On to the last thing. Been reading this guy. Victor Gischler. First heard of him because of his run on the Punisher. Welcome to the Bayou. Just loved the twists and turns. Reminded me of a proper version of the DEFIANT ONES. So I bought GUN MONKEYS. And now c’mon you know when a book starts off with this line…

‘I turned the Chrysler onto the Florida Turnpike with Rollo Kramer’s headless body in the trunk and all the time I’m thinking I should have put some plastic down.’

It’s gonna be good right? Anyway it just gets better from there. It’s good sharp prose. The plot moves and his worlds are populated by weak men trying to be better men and failing. Great stuff.

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