I never wanted to do this. Have a website. I’ve always found the concept of a website vaguely amusing. Slightly pompous. Having your own website to me felt almost like having a personalised licence plate. Or ordering up a blender off a late night TV advert. All nice ideas. But really, could you be arsed?

Sure some websites are people touting for business but most seemed to extensions of people’s egos and when I saw the responses on some sites from ‘fans’ well I was pretty taken back. It was like the anonymity of the Net allowed people to be as vitriol and as nasty as they liked. Don’t get me wrong. Criticism is great. But opinion? Well you like red. I like blue. Game over. But my point is if someone has the courage to show their work to you. Have the fucking decency to talk about it with respect.  That’s what I believe anyway. Having a bit of manners.

Communication on line is akin to telepathy in that it doesn’t go through the sieve of the mouth. What I am writing now comes right out of my head without engaging the social protocols that come on-line when I speak. Typing alone in a room sheds you of inhibitions. Sheds you of humility and politeness. In addition when you type you lose tone, inflection and more importantly when you say something in real life its taken by the wind and carried away but when you write it down….well its there forever. I so wish people would take time to think before writing. I digress.

So this won’t be a website that tells you when I am having a bowel movement. What colour socks I’m wearing. Blah blah. Why? Because if you‘re like me. Do you care? There is a blog on here…but I want to talk about the craft of film making…not that I’m a guru or anything but I hope it will be informative.

So who’s this website aimed at?

I suppose this website is really just a fancy resume aimed squarely at my collaborators. But to me a collaborator isn’t just the people who you work with. It’s the people that spend their money and more importantly their time on what you create. What they think is vital to you growing as a story teller. And that’s why I’m doing this now. I really want this website to be about building a relationship with people who like and want to support our work. So please sign up for the subscription and we’ll send you updates of what we’re doing.

To potential employers. Well. If you’re thinking of hiring us and are slightly concerned that we might be deviants. Degenerates. Ignorants or all of the above.  Have a look at what we’ve done.

To the people we do all this for….who we don’t call fans but people just like us here’s the story so far and welcome aboard.