DOG EAT DOG (2001)

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Feature film made by Film 4 written with Moody Shoaibi. The real highlights of this experience were meeting Gary Kemp and asking him about ‘True.’ Come on! Don’t sneer. We’ve all snogged to it in some capacity and it amused me greatly that here I was working with someone who I had listened to off a radio in Africa and seen on TV. A groomed man who carried himself with the disposition of a man who has written a song EVERYONE in the WORLD knows, I liked him.

Alan Davis and Pal Aron who were in the film were also fantastic to work with. They’re both so easy to act off. As an actor you’re as good as the board that bounces the words back to you. Their naturalism enticed you in. With Alan his style of acting relaxes you. Allows you to free up. Ricky Gervais of course is also in the film. Only 3 scenes. But he is supremely funny. Course this was in the days when he was on the 11 o’clock show, before he smashed it up but I like to think that we were in there first.

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